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Lexpress Schedule and Map (valid thru June 30, 2020)
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Routes & Stops

Lexpress does not have any designated stops. You can get on or off anywhere along the routes. Just wave to the driver as he approaches to signal you wish to board. There are 2 exceptions to this: 1) In Lexington Town Center, board at the Depot or at any MBTA bus stop as the buses otherwise cannot stop in this congested area; 2) At Burlington Mall, please board by the entrance near the former UNO Pizzeria between Nordstrom & Primark. There is a Lexpress sign here.

Each route operates approximately once per hour. All routes begin and end at Depot Square, and take about 25 minutes to complete. Traffic and road work may impact timings. 

Turn-By-Turn Directions

Route 1   Route 2

Route 3   Route 4

Route 5   Route 6


If you need to transfer to another Lexpress route, obtain a free transfer slip from the driver on your first bus. 

Transfers to the Burlington B-Line are available for free.

If you are planning to transfer to another Lexpress bus and your bus is running late to catch it, you may alert the driver and he can radio the driver of the bus you wish to transfer to. Buses can wait up to, but no longer, than 5 minutes to facilitate such transfers, when a bus is running late. 

Trip Planning Assistance

Call 781-861-1210 or email the office for assistance.

Google Transit

Enter your starting and ending destinations and a map showing the Lexpress route(s) along with boarding and arrival times will appear. Tips for using Google Transit

Safety Tips

  • When exiting Lexpress, cross behind the bus after it pulls away.  Please cross the street with care, and always cross at a crosswalk or traffic light if available. Cars are not required to stop when a Lexpress or MBTA bus lets riders off.
  • Drivers are not allowed to pick-up passengers at busy intersections or on the Middlesex Turnpike. In Town Center, riders may only board in the Depot Square bus lane or at a MBTA bus stop. Outside of Town Center flag the bus down to board.

Schedule Data (GTFS)

GTFS, or the General Transit Feed Specification, is the standard format used by many transit agencies to release schedule and trip planning information. Lexpress uses this format.