Minuteman Cane Award Selection Committee

Committee Charge:  to select a Minuteman Cane award winner each year.

To be eligible, a candidate must be:

  • A resident of Lexington for 15 years or more;
  • At least 80 years of age;
  • Actively involved in the community;
  • An inspiration to others and exhibit a creative approach to life through a choice of second career, hobby or volunteerism.

Every year Lexington residents are invited to nominate their favorite octogenarian for the award! This prestigious cane is awarded on Patriots’ Day at the Ceremonies on the Battle Green following the morning parade.

Nomination Form

History of the Minuteman Cane Award

In 1988 Lexington's Council on Aging and the Minuteman newspaper revived the tradition of awarding a historic walking stick to honor a Lexington resident. The original Boston Post Cane was presented to the eldest male resident. The new award honors a Lexingtonian, 80 or older, who reflects today's active senior citizen life.

2019 Minuteman Cane Award Winner - Patricia Elen Costello

2018 Minuteman Cane Award Winner - Martha C. Wood

2017 Minuteman Cane Award Winner - Sophia Ho

2016 Minuteman Cane Award Winner - Bill Hays

2015 Minuteman Cane Award Winner - John Frey

2014 Minuteman Cane Award Winner - Shirley Tufts Lane

2013 Minuteman Cane Award Winner - Eleanor Smith

2012 Minuteman Cane Award Winner - Aurio Pierro