Noise Advisory Committee

The Noise Advisory Committee advises the Select Board on issues related to the noise by-law. The Committee:

  • Annually reviews the noise by-law and regulatory process, suggests updates or amendments and, if required, propose appropriations so that the noise by-law and regulations can be effectively implemented.
  • Works closely with other Town committees, town departments,  neighborhoods dealing with noise related problems, and the Hanscom Field Towns (HATS) Environmental Subcommittee.
  • Reviews recorded complaints and the filed complaint forms concerning disturbing noise on a quarterly basis, and reports areas of concern to the Select Board.

Noise Advisory Committee members should be from the various geographic areas of the community. The Select Board, Planning Board, Board of Health, HATS Environmental Subcommittee and the Chamber of Commerce, will have liaisons to the Committee.

Full committee charge

Committee Membership
Members: 5
Appointed By: Select Board
Term: 3 years