Patriots' Day Reenactors

The People Who Make the Battles Real

Lexington is privileged to have so many volunteer reenactors from:

Militia men lined up for renenactmentThe Lexington Minute Men

The goal of the Lexington Minute Men is to accurately portray a Massachusetts militia company as it appeared between April 18, 1775 and October 18, 1775.The members of the Lexington Minute Men research and portray one of the original members of the brave unit which faced the King’s soldiers, poring over documents, letters, books, and manuscripts, searching for more on the identity of those heroes. 

Militia men lined up for renenactmentHis Majesty's Tenth Regiment of Foot in America

A historically re-created infantry unit formed to portray the service of the British Army during the American War for Independence. Composed of two types of soldier, Grenadiers and Light Infantry, a company of Music, and Corps of Civilian Volunteers, the members of the Tenth are accurately uniformed, equipped, and trained in 18th century military drill and life so that we appear in public as members of the British Army would have in 1775.

Appearing in the Parade:

The William Diamond Junior Fife and Drum Corps

The signature sound of colonial New England is the sound of the six hole wooden fife and the rope tension drum. These are the instruments used by our musicians. Clothing worn by the musicians approximates that worn by persons of yeoman status, living in Lexington in 1775.