Center Streetscape Design Review AdHoc Committee

The Center Streetscape Design Review Ad Hoc Committee will evaluate and make recommendations on the various design elements (excluding engineering items related to traffic) for the Center Streetscape Project. 

Read the Committee's Final report to the Board of Selectmen.

Committee Charge
Work Plan

The Ad Hoc Committee has held two public hearings. The first took place on September 13, 2016 to review the Tier 1 (Sidewalks & Lighting) recommendations and gather input from the public. The second occurred on January 11, 2017 and involved the presentation of the Committee's Draft Report covering Tiers 1-3. 

Pertinent Information

Committee Membership:
9 members selected from relevant Town Boards and Committees (see Committee Charge).
Appointed By: Board of Selectmen, who will also designate a (non-voting) Chair to facilitate meetings.