Current Projects

The developments listed below represent the projects that are currently under review by the Planning Board, or have been approved by the Board and are now under construction. Submitted plans not under review or construction are below under Previous Filings.

Please note that not every project in Town is regulated by the Planning Board; many are permitted by right, while some require permits from the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Developments Under Review
Approved Projects Under Construction

45, 55, 65 Hayden Avenue Major Site Plan Review

Brookhaven (PD-1) Major Site Plan Review

Grove Street: Public Benefit Development

167, 173, 177 Cedar Street: Definitive Conventional Subdivision

60 Hartwell Avenue: Lexington Composting Facility Solar Photovoltaic Project

435-439 Lincoln Street: Balanced Housing Development

36-48 Cary Avenue (Willard Circle): Conventional Subdivision

28 & 34 Robinson Road: Site Sensitive Development

376 Lincoln Street & 73 Middle Street (Ponybrook): Balanced Housing Development

71 & 79 East Street (Keeler Farm Way): Balanced Housing Development

1377 Massachusetts Avenue: Site Sensitive Development

Previous Filings

7 Hartwell Avenue Sketch Preliminary Site Use and Development Plan Application

114 Wood Street: Sketch Site Sensitive Development

56 Webb Street: Preliminary Subdivision Plan

287 Waltham Street: Sketch Site Sensitive Development

1106 Massachusetts Avenue: Preliminary Subdivision Plan


1106 Massachusetts Avenue: Site Sensitive Sketch Plan

497 Concord Avenue: Site Sensitive Development

443 Lincoln Street Balanced Housing Sketch Plan

Grove Street: Definitive Conventional Subdivision

167, 173, 177 Cedar Street: Preliminary Conventional Subdivision

287 Waltham Street: Balanced Housing Development

Grove Street: Balanced Housing Development 

Grove Street: Preliminary Conventional Subdivision

497 Concord Avenue: Site Sensitive Development

8 Adams Street: Site Sensitive Development

85 Pleasant Street: Site Sensitive Development