Current Projects

Please note that not every project in Town is regulated by the Planning Board. Many are permitted by right (they meet the current zoning bylaws), while some require permits from the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Town meeting articles may be viewed at the bottom of this page. 

    Developments Under Review


    497 Concord Avenue (APPLICATION WITHDRAWN):

    71 & 79 East Street:

    6 Eliot Road:

    840 Emerson Gardens

    15-17 Fairland Street:

    0 Grove Street:

    7 Hartwell Avenue:

    45,55,65 Hayden Avenue: 

    376 Lincoln Street: 

    435-439 Lincoln Street:

    443 Lincoln Street:

    758 Marrett Road:

    1106 Massachusetts Avenue: 

    1377 Massachusetts Avenue: 

    85 Pleasant Street:

    Rangeway Extension 

    28 & 34 Robinson Road:

    287 Waltham Street:

    1050 Waltham Street:

    55 & 56 Watertown Street:

    56 Webb Street: 

    114 Wood Street: 

    Town Meeting

    The Planning Board is responsible for creating a recommendation for all zoning amendments presented at Town Meeting. You may find amendment proposals and Planning Board recomendations here. If you wish to view additional documents related to Town Meeting articles (decisions, etc.) please click here

    2020 Annual Town Meeting 

    2019 Special Town Meeting