Grove Street Public Benefit Development

Request for a Special Permit

The application was filed by North Shore Construction, LLC., to construct a Public Benefit Development.  Public Benefit Developments are authorized under Section 135-6.9 of the Town's Zoning Bylaw.

The public hearing for this special permit proposal was opened by the Planning Board on Wednesday, February 1, 2017, but continued without discussion to the meeting of March 15.At the meeting of March 15, Planning Board member Bob Creech recused himself from the matter and the Chair appointed the Board's alternate member, Michael Leon, to the hearing.  The Board then continued the matter - without further discussion - to April 12, 2017.  On April 12, the applicant presented the project to the Board, and the matter was continued to 7 PM, May 10, in Battin Hall (Cary Auditorium).  The May 10th meeting was continued to June 7, 2017.  At the meeting of June 7, after considerable discussion, the hearing was continued to June 21,  2017.

The plans for this proposal may be viewed here: