DPW Scavenger Hunt!

These photos all things that the DPW works on, or with.

See how many of these things you can find around your neighborhood and around Lexington, and write down where you saw each one. 

Then send that information in an email to dpw@lexingtonma.gov. Everyone who plays will get a certificate, and one lucky person, chosen at random, will get a prize!

fire hydrant
Fire Hydrant

The DPW installs all of the fire hydrants in Lexington. They make sure that the hydrants work and have enough water pressure when the firefighters need them.

You can help the DPW and the firefighters, too, by shoveling out your local hydrant in the winter.


The DPW takes care of all the streetlights in town. They recently put new LED lights in which use less electricity. Lexington is also making electricity with solar panels on rooftops and at the Compost Facility

water meter
Water Meter

Your house has a water meter that tells how much water your family uses. Saving water.

Did you know that the water that comes out of your faucet comes from hundreds of miles away? Learn about our water system.


Yellow tactile crosswalk pad
Crosswalk Pad

Have you seen these yellow things with raised dots that are on the sidewalk right before the crosswalk?

The DPW puts them in to help people who have poor eyesight, and people who are blind, to find the right place to cross the street. Watch a video.

storm drain
Storm Drain

Storm drains catch the water that runs down the road when it rains. The DPW has a special truck that cleans them out if they get clogged with leaves.

You can help the DPW and your neighbors by clearing them off if they get covered with leaves, so the street won't flood.

DPW truck with cherry picker
DPW Truck

The DPW has lots of different kinds of trucks they use to do their work. This bucket truck is used to trim trees and do other work up in the air.

You can see DPW trucks all over town, working on roads, in parks and playing fields and at town buildings.


Soccer field with lines
Sports Field

The DPW mows all of the park playing fields, and very carefully marks all the lines.

Man installing street sign
Street Sign

The DPW doesn't just install street signs. They actually make them in their sign shop. They use special ink and a giant printer that prints on a special plastic so that the sign is reflective and can be seen at night. The printed sign is glued to aluminum so it will last for a long time.

Traffic light
Traffic Light

The DPW takes care of traffic lights, too. They do traffic studies to figure out how long each light should stay on, them program them.