Virtual DPW Day was Thursday, May 21 - But You Can Still Enjoy All the Activities!

This year, enjoy DPW Day @Home with videos, puzzles, and games.
We miss you and look forward to seeing you next year!

DPW group photo


Take part in both of our scavenger hunts!


Explore outdoors!

Try our DPW Scavenger Hunt and find things around your home and around town that the DPW uses or takes care of.


Explore DPW Online

pink construction hatSee how many pink construction hats you can find on this page or the pages linked from here!


Email us the the number of hats found and where they are located.(hint .. you have already seen one above)


The first response we get from an outdoor explorer as well as a virtual explorer will each receive a special honkin' surprise!


Everyone can participate, but only Lexington residents can win a prize. Thank you for understanding.

person with question mark above
What Does the Department of Public Works (DPW) Do?  
What do we do in the DPW?? What is public works, anyway?? The National Public Works Association has some answers for inquiring minds!

frog iconWe usually bring wildlife to you during DPW Day.
This year we'll visit them virtually in their habitats! Join us as we visit Parker Meadow and see what is lurking....! You can observe nature in your own backyard. Look what we spied by the Public Services Building!

Have Some Fun on the Town Interactive Map site.
Here is a tutorial you can watch to help you use the maps.

  • Can you find your house?
  • Can you see the streets and waterways?
  • Try out the mark up tool
    • See if you can measure how far you are from your favorite places!

compost bin symbol
Learn How to Compost at Home

Lexington is really into composting and the Town facility on Hartwell Ave is abuzz with activity

Check out our local backyard and curbside composters for inspiration! So easy!

Manhole cover
What Is Under Our Streets?

Public Works takes care of the water and sewer pipes. Marissa, one of our DPW engineers, explains how we look inside sewer pipes and what we may see. And here's a challenge - test your wastewords!

Water Faucet symbolWater pipes underground carry fresh water to our homes all the way from the 412 billion gallon Quabbin Reservoir in western Massachusetts. The DPW maintains the pipes in Lexington against leaks and corrosion and works with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) to keep our water flowing

The DPW Also Takes Care of Our Storm Drain System!storm drain symbol
Learn about Storm Drains and try some fun experiments in your yard! Brought to you by The Mystic River Watershed Association

Tree symbols
The Parks Department in the DPW takes care of Town Trees as well as Parks!

Learn more about trees. Can you identify trees by their acorns? This coloring page is sure to be favored by squirrels! (and poets)

Road symbol
The Highway Department is the Part of the DPW That Takes Care of Our Roads 

See how that's done.  Michael, one of our engineers explains how the Town preserves the surface of the roads. And learn all about rotories and roundabouts with this activity book.

Snow plow symbolThe Highway Department Also Plows Snow in the Winter!
Color a Lexington DPW Snowplow and share on social media! #diginlex on Twitter!
Do you recognize all the different trucks in this coloring book?

DPW Slideshow