Capital Projects

FY21 Active Projects

Center Recreation Complex Athletic Facility Lighting Upgrades

This project will include replacing and upgrading the lighting systems at the Center Basketball Courts and the Irving H. Mabee Town Pool Complex, as well as the replacement of and installation of additional lighting at all ten (10) of the Gallagher Tennis Courts.  The project is tentatively scheduled to begin the week of January 4th with an anticipated completion date of early Spring 2021. 

Use of the courts is prohibited during the duration of this project as it is an active construction site.  All nets have been removed and community members may not bring personal nets and or other equipment to the courts to engage in play.  Please adhere to the tennis courts closure to ensure the safety of all community members and allow the project to continue as scheduled.  You can find more information on the community courts available in the off season here.

  • January 4th:  Project mobilized.  MUSCO lighting equipment delivered and construction staging area set up.  Low hanging limbs trimmed along the back side of the 10 courts.
  • January 12th:  Tennis court fencing coming down, drilling will commence and the delivery of concrete expected to be delivered this week.  Trench work is expected to begin this week or next.  Two of existing poles at the Tennis courts have been removed.
  • January 19th:  Six holes and poles have been installed along the back side of the tennis courts.  The next six poles will be prepped next week.  The conduit to the pool and basketball courts will also begin sometime next week.
  • January 26th:  8 holes and poles have been installed.  The new basketball light fixtures have been installed as well.  Some trenching and conduit work continues.  The fencing has been removed temporarily at different points throughout the 10 courts for access, etc. This fencing will begin to be reinstalled later this week and early next week. 
  • February 5th:  Some delays have been experienced due to weather and the project remains on schedule.  Crews continue to work in the snow.  All fixtures have been installed at the pool and basketball courts adn installation of the poles at the tennis courts continue.  Once that is complete, the electrical wiring will begin.  
  • February 24th:  All of the Tennis lights poles are installed.  All work related to the Tennis Court Athletic Lighting has been completed.  Due to the recent trend in weather and storms, the project is on pause until the ground thaws enough to complete the final connections associated with the pool and basketball courts.  The project is anticipated to be complete in early to mid-April. 


Abutters Letter - December 2020

Abutters Letter - October 2020

Sutherland Playground Replacement and ADA Improvements

The scope for this project at Sutherland Park, located at the end of Sutherland Road, includes a replacement of the playground, creation of an accessible route to the dugouts at the Little League field, and an accessible path will be extended from the existing asphalt path to the water fountain near the entrance of the park.  Various playground options were presented at the September 16th Recreation Committee meeting and staff have finalized the design.  The sandbox has been removed and will not be replaced as a part of this project.  The installation of the playground is tentatively scheduled to begin in mid-March with an anticipated completion date of March 30, 2021.  The bid opening for the ADA work will be held on March 29th.  These improvements are scheduled to begin in mid-April and are tentatively scheduled to be completed in mid-May.  

ADA Site Plan

Finalized Playground Design

Abutters Letter - February 2021

Abutters Letter - September 2020

Presentation to the Recreation Committee - September 16, 2020

FY20 Completed Projects

LexRecNeeds: Community Needs Assessment

LexRecNeeds aims to engage the public to better understand the communities needs as it relates to parks, recreation programs, and facilities in Lexington as we build a shared vision for the future.

With the help of PROS Consulting, we will be using data and best practices to predict trends and patterns of use, make short-term and long term program improvements, and identify unmet needs in the community.
PROS Consulting will provide a presentation of the Community Needs Assessment to the Select Board on Monday, September 14th.  The final report will be presented in late September as a Community meeting. 
Funding for this needs assessment was approved at the 2019 Annual Town Meeting.


FY20 Active Projects

Adams Tennis & Basketball Courts Resurfacing Project

The tennis and basketball courts at Adams Park, located behind The Waldorf School on Massachusetts Avenue, renovations are complete.  The courts have reopened as of July 11, 2020.  The project included the resurfacing, painting, and restriping of the courts as well as the installation of new equipment (equipment still needs to be purchased and installed in Spring 2021).  Abutters Letter - June 2020

Diamond Middle School Field Renovation

This project includes laser grading, drainage improvements, and new irrigation controls at the Diamond Middle School fields. Additionally, at the recommendation of the 2017 ADA Compliance Study, an accessible route will be installed along the fence on the west side of the site that connects the ball fields to each other and the parking lot and an accessible walk leading from the parking lot and fields to the portable bathroom facility will also be provided.

The field work has been completed and the fields have reopened.  Work on the accessible route began on Thursday, December 3rd and it is anticipated that it will be completed in early Spring 2021.Diamond walkway

Abutters Letter - June 2020

FY19 Projects

      Center Track and Field Reconstruction

      The project is now complete.  

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