Field Updates

Friday, November 1st, we are keeping our grass fields closed due to the conditions from the rain we have recieved the past couple days.

For the weekend, we are implementing the policy, posted below. If you choose not to use a field due to safety concerns or not wanting to ruin the condition of the field, please notify me and I can issue your group a credit to use for future field rentals.



Even if we say the fields are open to use your best discretion depending on what you see at the field.

As it states in our field permit policy, a field should not be used under the following conditions:

·         When there is standing water on a field

·         When the ground is water-logged and “squishy”

·         When the footing is unsure and slippery, or

·         During a heavy/downpour rain.

Please use common sense when making the decision.

Our field permit policy also states that “field permit holders will be held responsible for the repair of any field on which they played in wet or unfavorable conditions and caused damage to the field, regardless of whether or not the field was closed by the Recreation and Community Programs Department.  If field damage occurs, the Public Grounds Department will determine what and how the field needs to be repaired and the permit holder will be responsible for paying for all field damage.  In addition, failure to pay for repairs and/or causing field damage will result in revoking all future permit use.”  This is something that we take seriously.  In other words, I would much rather have you err on the side of caution and have to schedule a make-up reservation later in the spring instead of playing on and damaging a field today, resulting in that particular field being unplayable for an extended period of time.

If you paid for a field reservation tonight and decide to cancel due to the conditions, please notify me of this tomorrow and you will be able to reschedule your reservation at no additional cost or receive a credit that can be applied toward a future field reservation.

Please be sure to pass this message along to all of your coaches and participants and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Thank you!