Field/Facilities Updates & Closures

On Monday, May 18th, Governor Baker addressed the States plan for reopening various businesses and facilities in 4 phases. In the guideline provided for phase 1, they have parks and fields being allowed to start reopening on May 25th. The information provided by the Outdoor Recreation Advisory Task Force, which is comprised of people in different sectors from various organizations tasked to put a plan in place.

Although the state may provide dates for reopening fields, that does not mean the fields in Lexington will reopen within the same timeline. There are many factors that will determine when our fields in town will be ready and available for use.

Phase 1 is limited to non contact sports such as Tennis, playing catch or kicking a ball around. These activities are limited to those who live in the same household. No practice, scrimmage or organized games are allowed for permitted use. Reopening plan for our tennis courts can be found on our website.

Phase 2 seems to allow for expanded play, but limited to small groups to work on skills and drills while following social distancing guidelines. If we follow the 3 week minimum between each phase, phase 2 will be set to start in mid-June. The full guidelines have not yet been provided. As soon as we have more information, we will plan accordingly.

The states guidelines do not permit the use of athletic fields for practice, scrimmage and organized games until phase 3. If each phase is at least 3 weeks, phase 3 could tentatively start as early as July 6th.

The Lexington Public Works Department helps manage and maintain all of our fields in town. They have been working as a skeletal staff since mid-March. They will be returning to full force starting Monday, June 1st. It will take them some time to make sure all fields are ready for use. 

New policies and procedures will be implemented into our field rental policy regarding the guidelines that must be kept during use of the fields, set by the state and our local Health Department. Once those guidelines are in place, anybody looking to obtain a field permit, will have to schedule a meeting with the Recreation Department. During the meeting, all new policies and procedures will be reviewed and you will be asked to pass along the information to your organizations so all participants will adhere to our protocols.

Although we want to get people back out and playing as soon as possible, our number one priority is to make sure all active participants and onlookers are able to stay safe, while playing and preventing any further spread of COVID-19.We appreciate your understanding and eagerness to get back to normal activities. We will continue to keep the community updated as we receive more information!


Update: April 27, 2020, The Recreation and Community Programs Department is working to help control the spread of COVID-19 and are urging the community to refrain from the use of our:

- Basketball/tennis courts, fitness equipment, playgrounds, skate park, all grass and turf athletic fields.

This also includes all school athletic fields, courts, equipment, and Pine Meadows Golf Course. This means no basketball, soccer, baseball, football, lacrosse, golf, or any other group sports

Governor Baker informed us that all Massachusetts public schools will be closed for the rest of the school year. We have kept fields closed in line with schools reopening and the MIAA sports season. The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA), which oversees the Lexington high school athletics has suspended the spring sports for the rest of the school year.

We are waiting on more information and guidance on when it will be safe to reopen our parks and fields from local and state officials. Once we have been given more guidelines, we will be able to determine when we may be able to reopen and issue field permits. 

The Health Department will be updating COVID-19 information.                                                  

As this situation is ever changing, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this.  

Please stay safe and healthy during these tough times!