Registrars of Voters

The Board of Registrars' original purpose was to verify the accuracy and validity of elections; however, the Board may vote to authorize the Town Clerk to perform all certification functions. Registrars assist the Town Clerk’s office in promoting voter registration, maintaining voter registration, certifying signatures on nomination papers and petitions, issuing party enrollment certificates, certifying absentee voter applications, investigating challenges to local nomination papers, conducting recounts, assisting in the preparation of the street list, and being present at all elections as part of the reporting process.

Three members shall represent the two leading political parties of the Town; however, no more than two members may be from the same party. The Select Board make appointments from a list submitted by the town committee of the political party from the members of which the position is to be filled.The Town Clerk is the fourth member, and need not be enrolled in a political party.  

Committee Charge

Members: 4, one being the Town Clerk
Appointed by: Select Board
Term: 3 years