Sidewalk Committee

NOTE: The Transportation Safety Group is a Town Manager appointed Working Group which meets monthly to evaluate issues and concerns relative to traffic, transit, pedestrian, bicycle and parking safety. They handle requests for new sidewalks.

From the Committee charge:

The Sidewalk Committee will advise the Board of Selectmen on sidewalk policies. The Committee seeks broad citizen input to support and encourage implementation of the recommendations of the Transportation Element of the Comprehensive Plan for increasing pedestrian activity and reducing traffic. The Committee will:

  • consider the adequacy of the town wide sidewalk network to safely address the Town's recreation and transportation needs;
  • recommend policy for sidewalk construction and maintenance, including financing and a prioritization strategy;
  • work with the school PTAs and School Department to implement and sustain a Safe Routes to School program; and
  • sustain community interest in walking

Members should have enthusiasm for good health, safety and sound planning. The Committee seeks nominations for membership from school PTA organizations.

Full Committee charge


Committee Membership

Members: 7
Appointed By: Board of Selectmen
Term: 3 years