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Town created the Sustainability Director position in late 2019 demonstrating our commitment to finding solutions for our climate-related challenges in the community. Stella Carr was hired in the Spring of 2020 as the first Director. 

The Director is tasked with leading the Town’s sustainability efforts. They will build on the progress of existing sustainability initiatives underway while developing and administering new programs, policies, and initiatives to achieve the Town’s sustainability goals. These include climate adaptation, resiliency, waste reduction, and energy efficiency, among others.

Please explore the page to learn more about what Lexington has done and continues to achieve as leaders in Sustainability.


The Town of Lexington, only eleven miles west of Boston, has a unique place in history as the “birthplace of American Liberty.” Lexington is a town of about 32,000 residents, noted for its excellent schools, thriving downtown, technology and bio-pharmaceutical industries, and mix of modern life and historic heritage. Lexington is widely recognized as a community engaged in Green initiatives and has embraced strategies that promote awareness of sustainability and energy efficiency.

For example, Lexington was one of the first municipalities designated a Green Community in Massachusetts in 2010, has received more than $745,000 in grants from the state for energy-efficient lighting upgrades and other projects, 5 has adopted the Stretch Energy Code, 6and has installed 3.3 MW of solar on the Town’s municipal rooftops and landfill which generates 45% of Lexington’s municipal electricity demand, and enjoyed extraordinary success through its Solarize program7 - just to name a few. The Town of Lexington implemented a highly successful Community Choice electricity aggregation program, providing over 10,000 customers with 100% renewable electricity for less money than our utility’s Basic Service offering. This program will result in the reduction of 44,750 metric tons of CO2 per year and $1.5 million in energy savings for our residents over the first twelve months of the program.

Lexington also has many established boards, committees, and associations that promote activities and initiatives that are relevant and important stakeholders in determining how Lexington responds to the challenges of climate change. 9 Lexington won the Leading by Example Award from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for outstanding clean energy and sustainability achievements in 2017.

While no one city, community, state, or country can mitigate the impacts of climate change alone, taking action as a Town to model behavior, encouraging more of the successful initiatives already being embraced throughout the Town, and developing cohesive plans to help prepare for disasters and extreme weather are critically important to Lexington’s future. This Sustainability Action Plan has been developed by the Sustainable Lexington Committee and serves as a framework for broader community engagement and decision-making about existing activities and projects that support long-term sustainability goals.

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