Save Energy & Money

Save Energy & Money


The town of Lexington is committed to helping residents reduce their carbon footprint and save money on their utility bills. One way to take action is through a home energy assessment performed at no-cost through the Mass Save® program.

Homeowners and renters are eligible to participate every three years. Appointments may now be performed virtually or in person. Program benefits include:

  • Air-sealing selected areas of your home at no-cost
  • 75% off the cost of approved insulation for single-family homes
  • Rebates of up to $2,750 on qualified heating and cooling system upgrades
  • No-cost energy-saving LED light bulbs, thermostats, showerheads, and power strips


For the next year, Mass Save® has also increased rebates for landlords and residents of multi-family houses.

  • Renter-occupied units are now eligible for a 100% incentive
  • Multi-family homes up to 4 units are now eligible for a 100% incentive if every unit moves ahead with recommended insulation measures


To confirm that you qualify and set up an appointment, please visit:

Home Energy Assessments- Lexington

Or Call: 781-528-0822


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