Getting to Net Zero Task Force

Who Sits on the Getting to Net Zero Emissions Task Force?

Stakeholders responsible for our buildings in Lexington, including representatives from companies that own their facilities, large landlords who rent facilities to companies in town, residential homeowners and real estate people, community leaders, Town staff and Town committee members, and a member of our Board of Selectmen. The task force will include building experts including architects who are
familiar with net zero commercial development and with renovation of historical buildings.

How Is the Getting to Net Zero Emission Task Force Governed?

The Getting to Net Zero task force will present its final report and recommendations to the Board of Selectmen for their review and approval. Any actions that would require funding will come before Town Meeting for its review and approval.

What Will the Getting to Net Zero Emissions Task Force Do?

The task force will examine our baseline emissions from our buildings and recommend strategies for dramatically reducing those emissions. The intent is to conduct a robust process of community engagement that develops a long-term plan that all stakeholders can embrace and support. The plan will address our entire residential, commercial and municipal building stock. It will recommend practical and fiscally responsible actions that are implementable and in line with a sustainable future.