SustainabLY - Sustainable Lexington Youth

Sustainable Lexington Youth — SustainabLY  — is a subcommittee of the Sustainable Lexington Committee (SLC).

SustainbLY is currently accepting applications from current high school students. Applications are due on June 1, 2022.

The intention of this subcommittee is for Lexington’s youth to have a voice in the Town’s efforts to address climate change, resilience, and adaptation. As teens have the largest stake in the outcome of these efforts, it is fitting that they have a direct line of communication to express concerns, share ideas, and develop their own recommendations to the SLC and subsequently to the Select Board and Town Meeting.

Goals of SustainabLY

  • Assist the Town in educating youth about climate change, including ways that they can take action, and encourage their families to do so as well.
  • Work with the schools to advocate for climate change and sustainability education and activities to be incorporated into the curriculum
  • Identify Town projects that students can assist with
  • Make recommendations to SLC in a non-binding and non-voting capacity
  • Other items as determined with the committee and student representatives


The sub-committee is made up of:

  • 2 high school juniors or seniors that serve as liaisons to SLC
  • High school students representing relevant clubs
  • Sustainability & Resilience Officer
  • School Committee representative

Current members

  • Junior, Tanay Dalmia (SLC Liaison)
  • Senior, Michelle Wu (SLC Liaison)
  • Sustainability & Resilience Officer, Maggie Peard
  • Select Board Member, Mark Sandeen
  • School Committee Member, Deepika Sawhney
  • Assistant Superintendent, Christine Lyons
  • Lexington High School Science Department Head, Reginald Hobbs