Town Celebrations Committee

From the Town Celebrations Committee (TCC) charge:

The Committee plans and carries out the proper observance of Patriots Day and all other holidays and special events that the Select Board may designate from time to time. 

Members should have specific knowledge of Lexington's history and historic celebrations; represent Lexington's newer citizens; have good working relations with the Lexington Minute Men; and work well with others. 

Full Committee Charge

Committee Membership
Members: 11 full, up to 15 on subcommittee
Appointed by: Select Board
Term: 3 years full; 1 year subcommittee

The TCC plans and carries out observances of holidays and special events including:

Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, January: March, ceremony and Day of Service.
Patriots' Day: normally celebrated on the third Monday in April. Activities throughout the weekend. 
Memorial Day, May: Wreath laying, parade, and Battle Green ceremonies. 
Veterans' Day Observances, November