2020 Annual Town Meeting

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Residents or Lexington Businesses can submit comments to be read by Town staff during Town Meeting in support or opposition of an article (if time and parliamentary rules permit).

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The 2020 Annual Town Meeting has been postponed until June 1, due to the COVID-19 State of Emergency.

See the May 29 memo from Town Manager James Malloy and Superintendent Dr. Julie Hackett providing an update on the fiscal impacts of COVID-19 on the Town’s FY20 and FY21 budgets.

Links will be added to these pages as documents become available.

The Annual Town Meeting normally meets on Monday and Wednesday evenings until all business has been concluded. (Meetings are not held on holidays or during school vacation weeks.)


The proceedings will be livestreamed by LexMedia on local public access channels RCN 15, Verizon 37, Comcast 99, and in HD on RCN 629. The live stream will also be available at LexMedia.org, and will later be made available for on-demand viewing.