Lexington has 6 bus routes. No fixed bus stops. To ride the bus, stand on the sidewalk and raise your arm. The bus will stop.

  • Monday through Friday 6:35AM to 6:30PM.
  • Read schedule for each bus route
  • Wheelchairs can get into the bus.
  • Lexpress connects with the MBTA, Burlington B-Line bus, and Lowell Regional Transit.
  • Bus routes go to these places: Town Center, Arlington Heights, Market Basket (supermarket), H-Mart, Burlington Mall, Lexington Lahey (medical center), Stop&Shop (supermarket), Wilson Farms, the Lexington Community Center, and many more!

Senior Fare (age 65 and older): $0.75. Transfer to another Lexpress bus for no extra fare.
                                 People who are age 65 or older do not have to pay to ride the bus 9:00AM - 1:30PM  

Senior Passes (age 65 and older):

  • 1 year (begins on July 1): $125
  • 6 month: $75
  • 3 month:$50
  • 1 month:$20  

Information:  Call 781-861-1210 or send an email. Staff can provide directions for your trip. 

As part of the regional bus system, Routes #62 and #76 serve Lexington and provide a link to Boston via the Red Line subway at Alewife Station.

Local Bus Fare: $0.85 for those with a MBTA issued Senior ID card (65+) or TAP card. Otherwise, it's $1.70 with a regular pre-loaded CharlieCard or $2.00 to pay cash on board. 

Information: General: 1-800-392-6100  
                    Senior/TAP cards: 617-222-5438

Housing Villages Stop&Shop Bus
On Tuesdays, a C&W school bus transports residents from the three Lexington Housing Villages to Stop&Shop. The service begins at 8:50AM at Countryside Village followed by stops at Vynebrooke and Greeley. The bus leaves Stop&Shop at 10:30AM to return to each of the villages.

Fare: FREE, compliments of Stop&Shop