Walk, Bike, Carpool

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Walk & Bike

Lexington has more than 94 miles of sidewalks. There are also at least 65 miles of biking and walking trails, including the nationally recognized Minuteman Bikeway, and at least 20 miles of shared lane pavement markings serving the community. 

Lexington's Greenways Corridor Committee identifies, actively plans and recommends the establishment of pedestrian, bicycle and other greenways corridors linking Town conservation, recreation and other open spaces. It also creates links to regional trail systems and other open space in neighboring communities.

ACROSS Lexington, a project of the Greenways Corridor Committee, is a network of marked trails and paths for walkers, runners and trail bikers. 9 routes (labelled A - J) — totaling over 30 miles — have been completed to date. Eventually, the trail system will span 40 miles.

Lexington's Bicycle Advisory Committee advises the Select Board on all matters relating to bicycle routes and general bicycle policy to serve the best interests of the Town of Lexington and its citizens and those of neighboring communities affected by these facilities.

The Friends of Lexington Bikeways is a non-profit volunteer organization that promotes and supports biking and the shared use of bicycle routes in and around Lexington, Massachusetts. They meet regularly with the Bicycle Advisory Committee. 

The Transportation Safety Group is a Town Manager appointed Working Group which meets monthly to evaluate issues and concerns relative to traffic, transit, pedestrian, bicycle and parking safety.  Recommendations are made to the Select Board and the Town Manager. The working group includes citizens and representatives of the Police, Public Works,Transportation, Planning and School Departments. Liaisons from the Transportation Advisory, Bicycle Advisory, and Safe Routes to School committees as well as the Commission on Disability also participate.

Safe Routes to School promotes walking and biking to school. They provide many resources for education, encouragement, and more!

Bike Shares

Bike shares can make bike commuting an easy option, whether touring the town or trying to make first & last-mile connections to transit. 

Lexington is part of the Zagster Minuteman Bike Share program: http://bike.zagster.com/minuteman/ These bikes are stored at docks and you need to return the bikes to a dock to officially end your session. 

If you seek dockless biking, while Lexington is not officially part of the Lime Bike program, you are allowed to ride Lime Bikes into Lexington and park them appropriately. Note that the Lime Bikes in the Boston suburbs are currently all electric bikes.Every suburb surrounding Lexington is part of Lime. https://www.li.me/locations


Refer to www.baystatecommute.com to select a carpool option. There are also many numerous carpool apps!