Watching your "Waste"

The Town's Visible Recycling Ban

The Town of Lexington strictly enforces the State's ban on recyclables in the waste stream.  Consequently, our trash vendor no longer picks up any items thrown out in the trash that could otherwise be recycled in the Town's curbside recycling program. 

  • If the trash collectors see a recyclable item in the trash, they leave a sticker on the item explaining why they did not collect it. 
  • The trash collectors do not open trash bags, but will tag obvious recyclables in the trash like cardboard boxes or plastic jugs. 
  • Cardboard boxes used as trash containers will not be taken. 

If you have any further questions, contact DPW Operations at 781-274-8300 

Waste Ban and Recycling Preparation Photos

Where can I get more recycling bins?  Each Lexington household can get 2 bins for free.  Additional recycling bins are available for $6.00 at 201 Bedford Street 781-274-8300 x.1.  You can also make your own recycling bin by reusing a container that you already have.  Clearly mark it in water-proof ink as a recycling container, or pick up colorful recycling decals at the DPW Facility.

How can I reduce my trash?  

  • Recycling cardboard can reduce the weight of your trash significantly, as an averaged sized cardboard box weighs about 1 pound. 
  • Composting organic food scraps can be done at home.
  • Look for products with less packaging.
  • Donate furniture, books, and household items.
  • Recycling all your plastic, glass and cans can make a big difference in the amount of trash you throw out. 
  • Your trash is another person's treasure, so use websites such as FreeCycle or Craigslist to get rid of unwanted household items.