Yard Waste and Composting

Please do not include invasive plants such as Asiatic Bittersweet and Burning Bush in your yard waste - bag them with your trash, or use another disposal method.

Find out more about invasives and how to identify them.

Curbside Pick-up Collection Schedule and Yard Waste Drop-off Collection Schedule

Resident Yard Waste Dropoff at the Lexington Compost Facility — Residents may drop off yard waste at the Lexington Compost Facility.

Yard waste must be:

  • placed in biodegradable bags that may be left at the facility;or
  • transported in barrels or plastic bags that must be removed by the resident.

Note: Severe weather may preclude opening the facility on a particular day, please call 781-274-8300 to verify it is open in inclement weather. The site will be closed on legal holidays. Approved yard waste for resident dropoff includes:

  • leaves,
  • grass clippings,
  • dead flowers or plants,
  • wood chips,
  • hedge clippings,
  • pine needles, and
  • brush 4 inches or less in diameter - collected in a separate brush pile at the facility. 

Compost is available for pickup at the facility. 
Home composting bins are also available for $25 for Lexington residents only (call 781-274-8300 and choose #1 for information.)

Curbside Pickup - Yard Waste must be:

  • placed in biodegradable paper bags available at most grocery & hardware stores; or
  • loose in garbage barrels without lids (brush should not protrude out of the top); or
  • tied in bundles.
  • Yard waste in plastic trash bags will not be collected. 

Approved yard waste for curbside pickup includes:

  • Leaves, grass clippings, dead flowers or plants, wood chips, hedge clippings, and pine needles;
  • Brush 1 inch or less in diameter.

Brush 1- 4 inches in diameter should be put out for curbside trash collection. 

  • It must be cut in maximum 3 -foot lengths and tied in bundles not to exceed 75 pounds in weight or 2 feet in diameter.
  • A maximum of 5 bundles may be put out with the regular refuse on collection day.
  • Note: these bundles are incinerated and not recycled.