Asian Longhorn Beetle alert:

Please email Tree Warden  Christopher Filadoro, or call 781-274-8300 x8355 in the Public Works Department if you see this destructive beetle. 
UMass Extension Service fact sheet provides more information.

Winter Moth information:  

Update March 2012 -

  • This past winter was atypically warm, but most nights were below freezing temperatures.
  • Researchers at UMass Amherst speculate that winter moth eggs could hatch as early as the third week of March, when the host trees could still have very tight buds so the caterpillars could not enter, feed and cause damage.
  • Winter moth eggs become powdery-blue as the embryo develops, and turn very deep blue-black just before hatching.
  • Conditions will vary because of the localized climate effects on both winter moth eggs and host plants.

Revised fact sheet with photos
Update December 2011
Details (following items are bookmarks in pdf file):
 - Life cycle
 - Preferred trees
 - Harm caused
 - Evaluation of infestation, fall
 - Control, spring
 - Water
 - Expectations
 - Forecast
Consult UMass fact sheets for more information.