Vision for Lexington Committee

Formerly the 20/20 Vision Committee

The Vision for Lexington Committee’s role is to identify a shared vision for Lexington’s future and communicate that vision to municipal decision-makers, by:

  • Engaging the Lexington community to think about Lexington’s long-term future.
  • Identifying and assessing opportunities and challenges that may shape Lexington’s future.
  • Making recommendations to the Select Board and, as appropriate, the School Committee and Planning Board.
  • Measuring, tracking, and reporting progress on topics studied.

The Committee draws on its own members skills and experiences, and also recruits volunteers with special expertise.

Committee charge

Committee Membership
15 members (including one representative each from School Committee, Planning Board, and Select Board)
Appointed by: Select Board
Term: 3 years

We seek members who are familiar with the Lexington community, have skills beneficial to performing the work of the Committee, and/or fresh perspectives and a passion for the positive future of Lexington. For people without previous experience in Town government, membership on the committee has often served as a pathway to become more involved in the Town.

Please refer to information on volunteering if you would be interested in joining the Committee.